Grant School Redevelopment: CEPEO Update 2018-12

In an effort to keep everyone in the community informed, the Conseil des écoles publiques de l'Est de l'Ontario (CEPEO) will be providing regular updates on the Grant School Redevelopment. For your convenience the update has been reposted below or you can view the document here (PDF, bilingual): 2018-12-20 UPDATE - WORK ON THE FORMER … Continue reading Grant School Redevelopment: CEPEO Update 2018-12

Establishment of Planning Committee

QTN is dealing with a number of planning issues, such as infill-housing, the impacts of LRT and proposed LRT stations, and the redevelopment of Lincoln Fields Mall. The board established a planning committee to facilitate community discussion and input into planning decisions. The committee is looking for additional members to have representation from all parts … Continue reading Establishment of Planning Committee

LRT: Get Ready for LRT Phase II

The new year will bring to a close disruptions associated with construction of the first phase of Ottawa’s light rail project and in a few months we will all be able to take advantage of the convenience of a modern public transport system. Also this year, plans crystallize for LRT Stage 2; east-, west- and … Continue reading LRT: Get Ready for LRT Phase II

Infrastructure: Our Community Changes with New In-Fill Housing Projects

It is natural for most of us to welcome new housing projects in Queensway Terrance North (QTN) while, at the same time, wondering how they may eventually influence, even change, the character that makes this such a good place to live. It seems balancing renewal along with efforts to preserve and enhance as our community … Continue reading Infrastructure: Our Community Changes with New In-Fill Housing Projects

LRT: Save the Park BBQ

Join the community discussion on the impacts of Light Rail Transit (LRT) through QTN and Connaught Park. When? Sunday May 7th, 2017 at 1:00 PM Where? Connaught Park & Severn Avenue entrance (Baseball Park) Why? The City is planning for the LRT to cut through Connaught Park. There will be significant impacts on the Park and Neighbourhood. For … Continue reading LRT: Save the Park BBQ